ِِAbout competition

Motivating students in the middle and secondary levels to participate in competitions and challenges and their interaction with them and with their topics are new and fun paths to learning, but in researching and checking the current state of the competitions that are offered to middle and high school students, it was found that the competitions are either biased for scientific projects in particular or bias for community projects.

Hence the impetus for the launch of the Smart Innovative competition, a scientific competition of societal interest, that promotes effective learning in the field of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and art (STEAM), in order to understand the participants’ science and simplify it and enhance the culture and awareness of the participants towards community issues and stimulate their thinking and encourage them to propose and study solutions Scientific and educational tools to inspire global sustainability in accordance with the vision of the United Nations Development Program.

Our Misson

Our Mission is to make research and development in the field of science and culture available for young people (aged 13-18 years) to change the world with the power of their awareness, the excellence of their ideas and the effectiveness of their inventions to become inventors, scientists and intellectuals beneficial to their people, as the competition was designed to provide a creative and supportive educational environment for the teams competing to develop solutions The global challenges within three main areas :

The issue of technology and information

The issue of global health, the issue of environment.

The issue of climate and energy

smart innovative competition is a competition presented for the preparatory and secondary education stages in the Arab Republic of Egypt, each stage is judged by Separately, based on students ’abilities at these educational levels. The competition aims to develop designs submitted by the winning teams and present them to entrepreneurs and startups in the form of projects and initiatives to serve the community and develop its resources.