Advanced Young Engineers Program

Program Goals:

Providing advanced training opportunities for high school students in various engineering and scientific majors through application phase in order to qualify them and form a clear vision and develop action plans for their future in the direction of their scientific passion.
Providing students with the skills required to obtain university scholarships in addition to providing them with additional advanced programs that meet future job requirements.
Enriching students’ minds with more information outside the traditional formal education framework.
Changing the traditional thinking methodology to create a generation capable of critical thinking to solve the problems facing society.
Preparing students to create new ideas for entrepreneurship and implement them in a way that serves the community.
Creating competitive opportunities for students to obtain scholarships in different universities around the world Preparing students mentally and personally for future work requirements.

Module1: Design Thinking ( 7 hours )

Module 2: Prototype (10 hrs )

Module 3: Hands-On Application (12 hrs)

Students will work on applied projects in maker lab using electronics and learning programming Arduino within the university in one of the majors.