Challenge for culture competition

project specification

It is a cultural competition with community interest and is held annually, with the aim of promoting the culture and awareness of participants towards community issues, by preparing creative tools inspiring communication, education and public awareness, and to raise awareness of global issues.

Where participants link with the contest topics so that their ideas and offerings aim to provide quality in the life of the challenges (vulnerable).

the elderly
the sick
the hard labor owners
the disabled
the pregnant woman
poor children
the refugee
the victims of disasters

… and others who have challenges .

The objectives of the project

Project values

Characterizes the cultural competition

Areas of the competition

The issue of technology and information

The issue of global health, the issue of environment

The issue of climate and energy

The task

Presentations and works should be inspired by the issues of the competition. Choose one of the categories of works of art of the competition. Its content aims civic participation and to be submitted in a form of a video .

Participation Artworks categories

Creative expression tools vary in the competition, where they are divided into two categories of arts :

Category 1

This category of arts is encouraged to work together with multiple individual talents within the team, where the single show contains a range of arts such as the arts, drama, acting, music and other multi-artistic colors that form the same show.

category 2

Guidelines & Specifications

Scientific – Introductory video tips

Culture – Project Proposal 

Mentors Qualifications-ENG