project specification

It is a project that use the technology and information to improve the lives of individuals, provide clean energy
solutions to have a better life and preserve public health.
the participants use their ideas, inventions, and creations to provide quality in the life of the Vulnerable.

the elderly
the sick
the hard labor owners
the disabled
the pregnant woman
poor children
the refugee
the victims of disasters

… and others who have challenges .

The objectives of the project

Project values

Areas of the competition

The issue of technology and information

The issue of global health, the issue of environment

The issue of climate and energy

The Project will include:

1- civic participation Product

It is the production of a creative video with a civic approach that aims to encourage involvement in the public domain and educate individuals about their responsibility towards their societies. And turn to supporters to take effective measures to protect environmental resources and provide clean energy solutions, health security, and make technology an opportunity to improve people’s lives.

2- Scientific product

Scientific product in form or research or a project based on EDP .

sustainable development goals (SDGs) to transform our world


Mentors Qualifications-ENG

Scientific – Project Proposal 

Scientific – Introductory video tips