Based on the current challenges posed by the Corona virus crisis and in response to new global developments and challenges after Corona, which reflected the vital role that people’s awareness plays in crises and the impact of creative communication with local communities. Smart Adventure believes that the arts play an important role in social change and this positive impact extends On the collective awareness of individuals towards global issues.

School students are the true wealth of the world’s pioneers of development, and that real and beneficial investment is through the creation of new learning pathways that accommodate the talents and capabilities of them. And believing in the ability of students in the primary and preparatory stages to make a difference in communicating with society in creative and artistic ways that affect the culture of individuals in the various local communities. It raises awareness about public health issues, the environment, energy, climate, technology and information, and the impact of this on achieving the goals of sustainable development, and despite our awareness of that.

in many cases our students are not given the educational opportunity to express creative issues that occupy the whole world and provide a supportive environment that qualifies them to do so. In an atmosphere of competition and challenges with their peers from all governorates of the Arab

From: June 1, 2020 To: August 19, 2020

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