INNOSPACE for Young Doctors

INNOSPACE for Young Doctors Program

In the last two decades, the global economy has made great leaps in the transition from the traditional economy to a digital economy based on knowledge, and in parallel with this important shifts have occurred in the nature of jobs in global labor markets, with the increasing need of economies for human expertise based on knowledge, the use of reason, thinking and possession of skills Innovation and information technology, more than its reliance on physical effort. Innovative and creative ideas have become the most valuable thing that countries and societies can have, because these ideas alone are capable of making fundamental changes in the environment of economies, and moving societies, companies and institutions from one developmental level to another more advanced level. Based on the vision of INNOSPACE Academy To work on developing students at the secondary level and building a new generation that possesses knowledge, skills and morals, making it capable of advancing Egypt and elevating it among other countries of the world, and in line with Egypt Vision 2030, our experts have prepared a program to build the future engineer. This program is aimed at students at the secondary level. The program focuses on providing students with the skills and knowledge that would prepare them for the field of Medicine , technology and applied sciences in the most prestigious universities of technology and applied sciences. Where the student is equipped with various aspects such as scientific aspects, character building aspects, aspects, and others.

Program Goals:

Providing advanced training opportunities for high school students in various scientific specializations through modern universities in order to qualify them and form a clear vision and develop action plans for their future in the direction of their scientific passion.
Providing students with the skills required to obtain university scholarships in addition to providing them with additional courses that meet future job requirements.
Enriching students’ minds with more information outside the traditional formal education framework.
Changing the traditional thinking methodology to create a generation capable of critical thinking to solve the problems facing society.
Preparing students to create new ideas for entrepreneurship and implement them in a way that serves the community.
Creating competitive opportunities for students to obtain scholarships in different universities around the world Preparing students mentally and personally for future work requirements.

Programs Includes

Programs Parties

The program aims to bring together the actors in the process of learning and upbringing
It serves the superior student and provides him with an atmosphere that encourages creativity , in addition to emphasis The constant role of the student towards society and the importance of using scientific applications to create innovative solutions to the problems faced by society.

Procedural Goals:

Training students in a way that enables them to explore different scientific disciplines to help them choose the field that matches the student’s passion and ambition.
Enabling students to meet the requirements of partner universities, university scholarships, and labor market skills
Providing opportunities for students to participate in the support and development of their societies

Program Stages:

First stage

Application and Selection

Second Stage

  • Career advising program
  • Community service program
  • Medicine and Applied Science Majors Exploration

Third Stage

Selecting the distinguished students

Fourth Stage

University’s Visit 


At the end of the program, distinguished students will receive the following


Applied Science (Recommended)