SIC Competition

Scientific Competition 2022 (Climate Change)

Proceeding from the current challenges presented by the climate Change and the following response of new global developments and challenges , Science has proven its impact on the development of societies, especially the youth who have novel ideas that can change the world. According to INNOSPACE Company, students are the real deal developmental pioneers in the world, quickly becoming the beneficial investment that should be prioritized and nurtured by creating new learning paths that accommodate those with raw talent and abilities.

About Competition

General Competition Idea

This is a scientific competition of community interest which promotes effective learning in the field of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and art (STEAM). An emphasis is put on the ability for participants to understand and simplify complex issues in science, enhance the general culture and awareness of participants for their own community issues, and encourage their thinking to propose and study scientific solutions using inspirational educational tools. The goal of this competition is to achieve global sustainability according to the United Nations Development Program.

Competition specifications

Foods and Agriculture


Urban Design


SIC competition aims to support participants to develop solutions for Climate Change challenges within the above sectors.


Challenge specification

Present a project to support and enhance the role of technology and information to solve or mitigate the impact of climate change that help in improving the lives of individuals, and assisting in providing clean energy solutions that improve quality of life, and assisting in providing health security and maintaining public health.
Where the contestants engage with the topics of the competition so that their ideas, inventions and innovations aim to provide a quality of life for the challengers.

the elderly
the sick
the hard labor owners
the disabled
the pregnant woman
poor children
the refugee
the victims of disasters

… and others who have challenges .

The objectives of the project

Project values

The Project will include:

Scientific product

Scientific product in form of a project based on EDP  (Prototype)  or Mobile application or scientific research.

sustainable development goals (SDGs) to transform our world


  Project Proposal template 

Introductory video tips

Rules and Rubric

Evaluation (criteria & rubrics)

The project will be a project based on EDB or mobile/Web. app.:

A) Prototype based on (Engineering Design Process):

B) Programing Rubric:

C) Scientific Rubric:

Suggested file attachments:


Research Rubric-ENG


Ethics Statement



  • Award Per Student in Each Team:
  • :1st place .: 2000 EGP/Student
  • 2nd place .1500 EGP/Student


  • Award Per Student in Each Team:
  • 1st place .2000 EGP/Student
  • t2nd place .1500 EGP/Student

Scientific Research

  • Award Per Student in Each Team:
  • 1st place .1000 EGP/Student
  • 2nd place 750 EGP/Student