CairoCam is a network of teachers that supports teacher leadership. It was initiated in 2014 as part of a Ph.D. study at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education and is affiliated to the HertsCaCam Network, UK. The Teacher-Led Development Work Programme offered by CairoCam Network supports teachers in leading development projects in their schools to enhance teaching and learning. Teachers then share their knowledge and expertise through national and international events. Currently, there are 12 schools in the Network in Egypt that follow a wide range of educational systems.

Our accredited program is suitable for all those involved in the education and care of children and young people.
This transformational program supports all educators no matter what their role or job title to improve the quality of teaching and learning by leading innovation and development work in their settings. This is done through a sequential process that involves values clarification, inquiry, trialing new activities. evidence gathering, collaboration, consultation, reading, reflection, networking, and being part of knowledge creation.

The word of the CEO of Cairookam Dr. Amina Tamami

“Our goal is to help the supervisor develop the leadership skill to support the participating students.”

CairoCam with SIC

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