NAFHAM is an innovative e-learning service on the Internet that provides a simplified explanation of school education curricula in Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and Kuwait through videos of 5-20 minutes… The service is completely free for school students and all who benefit from them.

How does the partner help us in achieving our mission?

NAFHAM helps us by providing courses that will help the participants throughout their life.

Miss Mona Jamal Business Development Manager, NAFHAM educational platform

“We will help participants, students and supervisors, in the SMART Creative Competition”

Nafham with SIC

(نفهم )أكبر منصة تعليمية في مصر "هنساعد المشاركين من طلبة و مشرفين في مسابقة سمارت الإبداعية" كلمة أ. مني جمال ….مديرة تطوير أعمال منصة نفهم التعليميةللتسجيل ادخل على موقع المسابقة: https://sicompetition.comللاتصال و واتساب: 01113877736 – 01098121985#فكرتك_هتكبر_مع_SIC#العالم_محتاج_فكرة#مسابقة_سمارت_الإبداعية#مسابقة_علمية#مسابقة_ثقافيةNafham is among the largest educational platforms in Egypt, and is ready to help SIC participants, whether students or mentors!Let's hear from Mrs. Mona Gamal Eldin, Nafham's Business Development ManagerRegister here: https://sicompetition.comCall and WhatsApp: 01113877736 – 01098121985#Smart_Innovative_Competition#SIC_helps_ideas_grow#Scientific_Competition#Cultural_Competition#The_world_needs_your_ideas

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