Essential Business Skills-NAFHAM

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Essential Business Skills-NAFHAM

Have you ever thought about the skills required in your personality in order to develop your performance at work if you are a junior entrepreneur, or an employee of a company and want to reach the highest positions? Have you ever thought about how Majed Ghanima, Ahmed Salem, and Hazem Al-Siddiq achieved success in the field of entrepreneurship? If you are one of those who seek this, we understand that you will help you through the “Basics of Business Skills” course in cooperation with the New Assuit Innovation Cluster, and sponsored by the Information Technology Industry Development Agency ITIDA and the Center for Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship TIEC through some distinguished trainers such as Hazem Al-Siddiq, Majid Ghanima, and Ahmed Salem. To be able to develop yourself and be fully aware of the required skills, we offer you a 75% discount on the course cost, so that the cost value becomes 250 pounds instead of 1000 pounds, in addition to the opportunity to get a free Coaching Lecture provided by “Ahmed Salem” business development consultant.

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Time week 5 Team building and training phase

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