Introduction to data analysis using EXCEL-RAWAQ

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Introduction to data analysis using EXCEL-RAWAQ

The use of “Excel” software expands in all fields, especially business because it is one of the most powerful tools for analyzing data and all large companies and institutions, even small ones, who use it in their daily activities. This course is an introduction to using Excel and providing practical knowledge of it.
This course has been designed to suit two types of learners, the first of them are people who have simple experience with Excel and its functions, the second is they who use it regularly and have a general knowledge of it and want to hone their skills more professionally.
This course takes you from some basic operations such as: reading data using Excel from various forms and formulas of data, processing and organizing it, and then using more advanced functions and equations through easy to understand examples and application.

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Time week 3 Team building and training phase

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